Claudia Kusche

Claudia Kusche loves to accompany people and companies on their journey, leading them systemically and strategically to their true potential. She worked worldwide for several years in senior positions in multinational companies. During this time the employees of the company were very close to her heart.

Therefore, in 2007, she decided not to dedicate her time solely for just one company. In the position of Organisation and Potential Coach she provides organizations and people assistance on their journey.

My Career

After graduating from high school, I initially worked in the travel industry, with a focus on American companies, where I got to know and love a simple and straightforward approach to new topics. Leadership of large teams - Generate new and fresh strategies - implement them with inspiration and energy in the company. I quickly realized that these very skills made me stand out. New doors always opened when old doors closed.  

A new door opens

For these reasons, in 2007 I founded a consultancy company specializing in event procurement. A FIRST at this time. Divergent strategies, wonderful spirit of innovation, high potential for recognition and a lot of energy and inspiration in the implementation are needed here. This industry never stands still, so I've kept developing in the field. Due to the continuing development of the companies and the participating teams, I finally opened my own door to coaching from 2011 onwards. Deep intensive training in the personality field were my next steps including a certified training as a systemic coach, company health manager, mental and potential coach. I now offer my knowledge and above all my ability to recognize and raise potential in people and companies to my clients. I implement this as part of my coaching concept in companies. For your benefit and advantage: achieve your objectives faster and easier. The results are proven with numbers and systems.

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