dōTERRA® - essential oils

For some years now we have been dealing with alternative healing methods to complement our coaching services. The essential oils have always supported us very effectively. Many topics have been easier for our clients by using essential oils and the scent have truly inspired them.


  • you would like to achieve more vitality and well-being?
  • you would like to benefit from further advantages in your purchase?
  • you want to take more responsibility for your own health?

The essential oils of dōTERRA® offer the best and most curative aromatic extracts, which are offered on the market worldwide today. Each oil contains the true essence of its botanical source, which is gently and carefully distilled from the plants. Due to their numerous curative properties, they offer a further alternative for over-the-counter medicines.

dōTERRA®’s oil blends are copyrighted formulations.

They represent the knowledge and the experience gained from many years of therapeutic experience with essential oils and in-depth scientific studies. Each formula is synergistically balanced with the aim of harnessing the life energies inherent in the plants to improve the effectiveness and benefits of the product and contains only guaranteed pure therapeutic oils in CPTG-quality.

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