MICE or M.I.C.E. stands for Meetings, Incentives, Congress and Events. Besides the planning and arrangement of business events, such as round-tables, meetings, seminars, conferences or congresses, MICE-Management comprises also of the organisation of exhibitions / trade shows, business trips and the different areas of event management within a MICE-Event.

Surely you agree with us - even though the above mentioned are so diverse, they all have one thing in common: professional, systemic guidance often provides hidden potential savings with guarantee for a higher level of quality.

Maybe now you ask yourself: How do I set up professional, systemic MICE-management?

In our believe the foundation for professional and successful MICE-management with system consists of: competent planning and systemic organisation of the events combined with strategic purchasing. Through experience and synergy effects, resources can be simultaneously optimised, costs made transparent and potential savings highlighted. The focus of this holistic service, which brings structure and clarity into the MICE-sector, is above all geared towards you. Our well organized approach provides you with structure, clarity and a system, greatly benefitting your company.

Do you agree? If so, we would like to present our services to you.

Our services cover all aspects of event management and are set up in separate modules so that they can be cost-effectively and individually combined with eachother. By working with system, we assure maximum transparency. Your trust is just as important as your business!

Our seamless, tailored coaching unravels potential savings, and verifies that the results and goals of a MICE-solution are always one hundred percent made-to-measure and customised for your company.

Your Benefit

You always benefit from our long term experience in the MICE-sector combined with certified systemic coaching and outstanding IT-know: regional, regional and international. We can promise a meticulous and unique approach to fulfill your needs and requirements.

With our help you can

  • Purchase services more aligned to your needs
  • Negotiate better terms and conditions with agencies and service providers
  • Consistently manage event costs for your company
  • Measure the success of your conferences, conventions, meetings and events
  • Receive viable proposals for cost reduction and to increase efficiency
  • Implement both qualitative and quantitative targets
  • Achieve maximum cost-benefit transparency

You can truly count on us. We devise the optimization of internal processes and give you peace of mind that you are always in the right hands by working openly and closely together with you.

Follow us now to our professional MICE services with system